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Dog food macro's for better stools?

For those seeking advice on caring for incontinent pets and animals with kidney-related problems.

Dog food macro's for better stools?

Postby apollo18 » Tue Apr 03, 2018 12:54 pm

My pug has urinary and bowel incontinence and I want to try to improve his stools. I am looking for information on what macro's will improve stool?

What range should his dog food protein %, fat %, fiber %. Im guessing high protein will cause wetter stools, which we dont want. I wonder what the fat and fiber will do
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Re: Dog food macro's for better stools?

Postby jd » Thu May 10, 2018 1:22 pm

Sorry this is late but haven't been to the site in awhile.

Not exactly sure what "macro" means in terms of feeding but do have a couple things that might work. Our dog who just died was incontinent both ways also. At first we tried food from the vet which was suppose to firm stool. Didn't want to use Science Diet but that's another story. The only thing it did was to make the stool way too dry and crumbly. It barely came out, so we stopped.

We also tried something called "Firm Up." It's dried powdered pumpkin. Comes just straight or with added cranberries. It worked sometimes but other times didn't seem too (maybe it was the amount we put in each time) so I'm not super sure about how well it would do. sells it.

I do have a site that I'd saved for might give you some info that would help. ... dog-stools

The last thing I'm not sure would interest you but if your pug is incontinent he might tend toward urinary tract infections. We're using something called D-Mannose as a supplement for our other dog with kidney disease. It's related to cranberry but apparently better when it comes to helping with infections or keeping them at bay. Anyway you can Google it. Hopefully your pug isn't getting those but might if you're using diapers or belly bands.

Good luck and try to not get discouraged. Believe me we know how it gets with an incontinent pet. Mack was 75 pounds so the amounts were gigantic. Now our other dog has taken up the torch and become incontinent both ways too. It's not their fault and I'm sure they don't want it happening either. Just keep alot of rags and Natures Miracle on hand.

One other thing...if your dog ever gets rash from urinating on himself. When Macks nose was cracked and he was sore from the wet urine I found a place that sells numerous organic herbal products. One called "Skin Soother." It's for wounds, cuts, rashes, infections, bacterial, yeast & fungal..etc. (Seems it cures everything :)

We got a 2 oz can which was a bit expensive but you use so little and it lasts so long it's actually not bad. We've still using the Snout and Skin Soother cans we first bought.

Hope that whatever I had to offer will help in some way.

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